Our Approach

Monterey Peninsula Foundation operates a place-based, responsive grantmaking strategy that spans a broad range of ages and community needs. The community focus is our primary strategy to strengthen the web of services, programs, and supports that contribute to healthy vibrant communities. We fund organizations over the longer-term, however, we work to minimize dependence on annual support grants whenever appropriate and prudent. Our policies requiring board giving and external financial oversight are designed to help organizations capitalize on best practices in the field.

We view funding as a partnership. We acknowledge that each community served has different strengths and challenges, and we work to tailor our support accordingly. We aim to be flexible. We realize that there are gaps that exist and we care about filling the need in all the communities we serve. Our flexibility is a key benefit we can offer to applicants and grantees.

What We Support

Since its inception, Monterey Peninsula Foundation has given millions of dollars to local organizations. In the 2017-18 fiscal year, the Foundation donated $13.2 million to support nonprofits and schools in the tri-county area we serve.

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Timeframe for Applying

Application Timeframes Changing

Effective July 1, 2019, Monterey Peninsula Foundation will shift from a quarterly schedule to a three-cycle year (Summer, Fall, and Winter cycles).

Grant applications must be submitted by the following dates:

Summer Cycle:
– 2019-20: April 1, 2019 for July 2019 review
Deadlines and review dates remain same in future years

Fall Cycle
– 2019-20: July 1, 2019 for October 2019 review
– 2020-21: August 1, 2020 for November 2020 review

Winter Cycle
– 2019-20: December 1, 2019 for March 2020 review
Deadlines and review dates remain same in future years

Only completed grant applications from eligible organizations will be considered for funding. Applicants should make every effort to ensure their application includes all financial, budget, and other attachments required in our online application process. If an application is received incomplete, it may delay the review to a later date.

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For Applicants

How To Apply

We accept grant applications through an online portal.

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Impact and Learning

Learn about our community initiatives.

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Need Assistance?

Application Process

For questions about the Online Portal or the application process, contact:

Breanna Wilson
Program Associate at
bw@mpfca.org or 831.649.1533.


For guidance on whether a request would be eligible for support, contact:

Hana Kong
Program Officer at
hk@mpfca.org or 831.649.1533.

Community Initiatives

For questions regarding giving strategies or community initiatives, contact:

Mary Gunn
Director of Philanthropy at
mg@mpfca.org or 831.649.1533.