Grant Cycle Changes

Effective July 1, 2019, Monterey Peninsula Foundation will shift from a quarterly schedule to a three-cycle year (Summer, Fall, and Winter cycles).

As part of our continued pursuit of a more efficient application process, we will take two years to institute the full change, working to minimize negative impact on grantee financial needs. We believe this will help applicants plan for deadlines more consistently. This will also enable the foundation to better accommodate budget needs each year as well as better incorporate tournament demands with grantmaking deadlines.

Foundation staff will work with grantees and applicants to select the best application timeframes for their needs. Once a home cycle is selected, we require grantees and applicants to remain within that cycle for future applications.

Please review the following forms and documents:

Home Cycle Selection Questionnaire

Home Cycle Selection Information

Application Cycle Change FAQ

For questions about application deadlines or home cycle, contact:
Email: grants@mpfca.org
Call: 831.649.1533

Timeframe for Applying
Starting 7/1/2019

Summer Cycle


April 1 application deadline for July Committee Review


Deadline remains consistent going forward.

More Information about Summer Home Cycle

Fall Cycle


2020-21: August 1 application deadline for November Committee Review


More Information about Fall Home Cycle

Winter Cycle


December 1 application deadline for March Grant Committee Review


Deadline remains consistent going forward.

More Information about Winter Home Cycle

Applicants that miss reporting and application deadlines will be asked to wait a year before applying. Strict adherence to these deadlines is critical to ensure the agency can apply for support annually.


While we will make every effort to include your proposal in the cycle in which you apply, we cannot guarantee we will be able to do so. We will work to keep you informed of the process and how it impacts your review.


For more information about the application process, please visit “How to Apply”.